Flag and Emblems of Québec


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Québec’s national emblems recall the history of the province. They affirm the French identity and origin of the majority of the population and evoke the ties between Québec and Great Britain.


The Fleurdelisé is a reflection of our history in America and Québec’s most iconic symbol. It is flown over every public administration building.

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Coat of arms

The coat of arms reflects Québec’s political history. The gold fleurs-de-lis on a blue background represent the French regime. The leopard on a red background evokes the British regime. The sprig of maple leaves symbolizes pre-Confederation Canada.

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The motto “Je me souviens” (I remember) is attributed to architect Eugène-Étienne Taché (1836-1912). Inscribed above the main door of the Parliament Building, the motto summarizes the architect’s intentions: I remember... all that this façade recalls. He decorated the façade of the Parliament Building with depictions of various figures in Québec history: Amerindians, explorers, missionaries, soldiers and public administrators from the French and British regimes.

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The arboreal emblem of Québec is the yellow birch (Betula alleghaniensis Britton).

The floral emblem of Québec is the blue flag (Iris versicolor L.).

The avian emblem of Québec is the snowy owl (Nyctea scandiaca L.).

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Representative objects

The mission of Les Publications du Québec is to publish and market a wide range of products for government departments and agencies: Québec flag and pins, books for the general public, specialized books, and so forth.

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