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Unique for its history, language and culture, Québec is a delightful blend of European and North American origins. It is a truly unique tourist destination.

This vast land of contrasts has a diverse geography as well as a varied topography, vegetation and climate. Its four very distinct seasons offer four special times to discover the different sides of Québec.

Tourist regions

Each of the province’s 22 tourist regions presents a different facet of Québec grounded in its regional geography, history and culture. However, all of the regions share the same spirit of hospitality and the same pride in their natural and cultural heritage.

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Economic impact

Tourism is an important part of the Québec economy. In 2014, over 31.1 million tourists visited Québec and its regions. Of that number, some 6.4 million were visitors from outside the province.

Total tourism revenue of $13.1 billion (2014) has a $9.2-billion impact on the gross domestic product (GDP), or approximately 2.5% of Québec’s total economic activity.

The over 32,000 tourism businesses in Québec provide a range of services, including food, accommodation, transportation, travel arrangements and reservations, as well as other services, such as entertainment and recreational activities. These businesses employ roughly 355,000 people, or nearly 9% of total employment in Québec.

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Developing tourism potential

The vision of the Tourism Industry Development Plan is to make tourism a successful, innovative and sustainable industry that leverages Québec’s economic development by making the province a special, must-visit destination for international, Canadian and Québec travellers alike.

With this vision in mind, Tourisme Québec develops province-wide strategies to promote the tourism industry. The goal is to encourage innovation and performance in the tourism sector and position Québec’s high-quality tourism products at the international level.

The 2012-2020 Tourism Industry Development Plan showcases six tourism activities:

  • the Fleuve Saint-Laurent
  • winter tourism
  • nature and adventure tourism
  • culture and event tourism
  • business and congress tourism
  • tourism north of the 49th parallel

These activities are designed to significantly contribute to tourism supply renewal, job creation, business consolidation and regional development.

The 2016-2020 Tourism Action Plan defines and affirms the priorities for action in the coming years and sets the stage for a new business and governance model for the tourism industry.

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Promotion through partnership

Tourisme Québec offers information and booking services for tourists of all origins, backgrounds and interests.

To expand Québec’s tourism potential, the Ministère du Tourisme maintains partnerships and business associations with many stakeholders, including:

  • Alliance de l’industrie touristique du Québec
  • regional tourism associations
  • sector-based tourism associations
  • private enterprises
  • public bodies
  • departments and local and regional communities

Tourisme Québec mandates some of its partners in the Québec tourism industry to work collaboratively on various activities to boost Québec’s presence on the world stage.

They organize activities on a regular basis to promote Québec products, services and tourist attractions and ensure tourism growth in Québec.

The systematic promotion of Québec’s brand image through these activities helps strengthen Québec’s identity as a tourist destination.

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