Linguistic Policy

The gouvernement du Québec, in order to foster application of the Charter of the French language, which makes French the official language of Québec, and provide proper leadership in this respect, has established a policy aimed at promoting the use and quality of French.

In accordance with the Politique gouvernementale relative à l’emploi et à la qualité de la langue française dans l’Administration (policy on the use and quality of French within the government) and as a general rule, gouvernement du Québec texts, documents and communications, including those transmitted electronically, are drafted and published exclusively in French. The policy specifies the rules concerning information technology, Web sites, texts, documents, communications, purchases, contracts and grants, among other things. It also covers the quality of French, notably the use of terms and expressions standardized by the Office québécois de la langue française. The rules also apply to enterprises, partnerships and other legal persons in Québec.

To enhance Québec’s presence in international communications networks, to meet the needs of the English-speaking population and, under certain specific circumstances, when required for public health and safety purposes, documents and Web site content are translated.

However, the gouvernement du Québec and its departments and agencies described in the Schedule must comply with the requirements set forth in the government policy.