Exercising their right to vote is one of the ways in which citizens can participate in the democratic process. They can also express their wishes and opinions through public consultations.​

Please note that you can access information on other consultations on the French version of this page.

This page contains information on:

Consultations by the government

Consultations by the government aim to involve citizens in public decision making. Anyone interested in submitting comments may do so in accordance with the applicable provisions.

List of government consultations completed during the year

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Consultations by the National Assembly

Parliamentary committees may hold general consultations to solicit and gather opinions from individuals and organized groups on subjects of public interest, such as draft legislation. When a notice of general consultation is published, individuals or organizations that wish to express their opinion on the subject of the consultation must submit a brief to the clerk of the committee concerned. The members of the committee then choose from the individuals and organizations that have submitted a brief those that will be heard during the public hearings.

List of committee proceedings

Taking part in public consultations by parliamentary committees

Parliamentary committee reports and discussion papers

RSS feed on parliamentary committee orders

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Consultations by the Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE)

Consultations by the BAPE deal with questions related to the quality of the environment or projects likely to have a major impact on the environment. The BAPE holds hearings in communities affected by such questions and projects in order to facilitate public participation and allow people to voice their concerns. The role of the BAPE is to enable the government to make informed decisions with a view to sustainable development.

List of inquiries and public hearings of the BAPE (French only)

How to participate in public consultations of the BAPE

BAPE reports

BAPE Twitter account – This page lists important dates (information sessions, public hearings) and provides information on BAPE procedures (French only)

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Consultations by Hydro-Québec

Hydro-Québec has drawn up a list of electricity transmission line projects under study by administrative region. A public participation process is provided for within the framework of each project.

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Consultations by the Autorité des marchés financiers

The Autorité des marchés financiers publishes a regularly updated list of public consultations. This organization consults the public on various subjects related to its activities. Anyone wishing to comment on a consultation under way may do so using the form provided.

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Ministères and bodies of the Gouvernement du Québec use online surveys to enable people to voice their opinions.

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