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My Québec Services Account

My Québec Services Account is a new way for you to obtain government services.

It gives you access to numerous information and transactional services provided by government departments and bodies. It also enables you to create your personal account where you can save the information related to the steps you take with these departments and bodies. Lastly, it offers you the possibility of saving a list of your preferred services, as well as the results of your searches.

Once your identity has been verified by clicSÉQUR, the gouvernement du Québec identity authentication service, the transactions carried out in your Québec Services Account are confidential and secure.

Personalized itineraries

Using your Québec Services Account, you can create and save personalized itineraries: by completing a questionnaire at the time of a particular life event (for example, Becoming a Parent), you obtain a list of steps, adapted to your personal situation, that you must take to obtain government services or fulfill your obligations. You can also enter personal notes and use the available follow-up options.

List of itineraries

  • Becoming a Parent 
  • Settling in Québec 
  • What to Do in the Event of Death